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Ramsing Gymnasium in New York / USA


Greenwich Academy was founded by members of the

Congregational Church in 1827. Until the turn of the twentieth

century, the school admitted both girls and boys. T

hen, in 1900, a Greenwich Academy English teacher founded

the Brunswick School for Boys. In 1913, the Greenwich

Academy Board of Trustees formally approved the decision

to accept only girls in the Middle and Upper Schools, and

Greenwich Academy was reconceived as a day school for girls.






Greenwich Academy is located on a 39-acre campus in central Greenwich, approximately 25 miles from New York City and 47 miles from New Haven. Campus facilities include Ruth West Campbell Hall, buildings for the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, three athletic fields, six tennis courts,
Ramsing Gymnasium and the Pethick Dance Studio. The Raether Athletic Center has five international squash courts, an additional double-court gymnasium and a fitness center. The Wallace Performing Arts Center includes the 400-seat Massey Theater, Luchsinger Gallery, choral rehearsal rooms and visual arts display spaces. The Patsy G. Howard Upper School includes 20 classrooms, 5 science laboratories, a student center, a 20,000-volume library with space and technology to serve both the Upper and Middle Schools and various support spaces, conference rooms and offices. The Ridgeview Avenue Campus accommodates the Pre-Connecting and Connecting Classes as a premier early childhood educational environment.




















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