- En slægt gennem 1300 år

Christian Ramsing / Christian Johnson


Ukendt ??



Har fået følgende interessante henvendelse fra en slægtninge i USA ..:

My great grandfather came from Denmark in 187o as Christian Ramsing and was born in Vejle amt.  in Jutland on July 17, 1853.  He was about 16 and became a physician among other civic activities in Willmar, Minnesota.  He changed his name when he entered the country, to Johnson, with his aunt, I believe a Mae Ramsing who I was told was an artist.   Chrisitan's father's name was said to be John F.Ramsing and his mother was Zidzel Christiansdatter Ramsing. Records from the USA of which I am aware of were possibly anglicized.  Christian died in 1922 and so I did not know him but did know his son, Hans, my grandfather who was also a physician and his half-brother Fred who took the name Ramsing after finishing academic work as a mining engineer.  He worked with Anaconda and lived in the Phoenix, Arizona area until the latter 1960's when he died..

I do not know the Danish language (but I do know German, French and Spanish) but I was very interested in what I could translate about the Ramsing family crest in your website.


John F. Ramsing

                          Gift med Zidzel Christiansdatter Ramsing

                          è Christian Ramsing / Christian Johnson          (17.07.1853 - 1922) født i Vejle Amt

                                       èè   Fred Ramsing

                                       èè   Hans Johnson

                                                    èè   <son>

                                                                 èèè       Robert Johnson


Mae Ramsing



Christian Ramsing - Christian Johnson

Født:  17.07.1853 i Vejle

Død:  1922 i Minnesota, USA